About Kult Media
Multi-media production company from Ukraine, that propose complete solutions for any ideas.

Our goal is to solve any task for our client, using rational and logical methods and at the same time we propose our own cultural products and projects.  Our team have more than 20 years of experience in cultural and commercial projects. No matter in which step of your task you have problem – we always happy to solve it and continue project to the ending point.  We help artistical community to represent themselves through our online channel #KultTV and other offline events.

In our services you can find whole spectre of tools for idea realisation:
Full-stack web development / UI-UX design / Back-end development
Graphic, print and web design / Branding / Motion animation
Photo and Video Pre production/ Production / Post production
Online streaming / Video conference / Restreaming
Studio and equipment rental

We have production studio with cafe in the Kyiv historical city center. Place is safe and have stable electricity with 20kWt UPS system. Inside of our office you also can find rental of any needed equipment for photo or video shooting, filming or sound recording.
Our core team is a united freelancers that can solve any task in different configurations in cooperation. Multitasking and friendship is the main property of our union.

More information about Kult Media projects you can find in our portfolio.