Serhiy Fayfura

Serhiy Fayfura – Ukrainian TV presenter, film actor, director, singer, bard, guitarist, composer, and lyricist.
Our cooperation with Serhiy Fayfura began a long time ago. In times of war in Ukraine, we helped him produce a music video for the song “SMS” with the lowest budget possible.

Everyone knows him, despite his absence on TV channels. Serhiy Faifura’s work is different every time – it’s cabaret, rock, and a cheeky wedding after party. He introduced the tradition of a bilingual song, in which a Ukrainian seems to be addressing a Russian, “Kill the beast katsap in yourself… resurrect the man-brother in yourself” – is in one of his songs.

The leader of his work is the clip “Bander”, in which a Ukrainian in a white christening shirt seems to be talking to a quilter. The clip, which had received more than 700,000 views on YouTube, banned by Kremlin bots. After restoring the clip, he confidently caught up and overtook the mark of one million views. Serhiy’s yellow-blue mustache, his songs, sometimes insightful, sometimes major, as well as the image of a deeply religious man (at the age of 47, Serhiy entered the seminary and now lives in one of the capital’s Orthodox churches) make him a very visible figure and greatly enrich our musical space and our emotional life.