Ad production

from 1000$

Complete solution for budget ad production.
DSLR Camera
1 × DSLR Camera
1 × Optics
1 × SteadyCam
1 × Slider
1 × Kran
1 × Tripod
Boom mic
1 × Boom mic
Wireless Lavalier
1 × Wireless Lavalier Mic
Big LED panel
2 × Big LED panel
Small LED panel
2 × Small LED panel
LED Sticks
1 × LED Sticks
LED Circle
1 × LED Circle
1 × Cameraman
Sound engineer
1 × Sound engineer
Light engineer
1 × Light engineer
1 × Technician
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Filming and production of ad videos.

Advertisement videos for your social media promotions.
From Idea to Upload: the Full Circle of Ad video production.

Multi-media support for your ad campaigns.

If you are proposing services or products through the internet, you probably need a lot of content for social media promotion.
Vertical videos for stories and payment ads on Instagram.
Standard video for YouTube or for TV.
Product photos from the filming location as well as backstage photos and video allow you to support your promo action with standard posts and stories.
All this content can be created in one filming session. And after make postproduction, with the addition of motion graphics and titles animation.

Personal attention

First it’s always idea!
If you already have idea and scenario we will calculate budget in short period of time and film with pleasure.
But, if you have only idea or even don’t have it at all, we will help you with next steps:

Pre production process:

Developing ideas and conceptions for you to choose.
Write a scenario based on the idea that you choose.
Create a storyboard or video from reference episodes so you can imagine the final product.
Write technical riders for shooting and technical tasks for the whole project.

Do you need actors or models?
We can help you with casting, online or in person at our studio.
Right before shooting, our makeup artists will prepare models for filming.

Original music can be written, or chosen from audio stocks.
The soundtrack needs to be original or licensed or free to use, otherwise the video can be blocked by social networks because of copyright rights.

Ad production process

If a client is unable to attend the filming location, he can watch the entire process online.
We will show backstage and playback from the main camera, so you can control the process from anywhere you want.
At the end of the shootings, you will see a demo version of a video created from playback materials.
In the same time photographer make product photos on location interior, backstage photos and videos.

Postproduction process

Editing captured video to create an ad following the storyboard.
Colour correction and grading.
Motion graphics and animated titles.
Rendering of the main video.

Sorting and editing backstage materials for your social media.
Editing and color-correcting product pictures.

Benefits of Ad Production in Summary

All in one place solution.
A proposition for any budget.
Personal attention and consulting.
A lot of multimedia content from one day of production.

Please check our portfolio of #commercial ad videos.