Client location

from 250$ /hour

Filming or streaming on client location. Minimum 2 hours
TV Camera
2 × TV Camera
DSLR Camera
1 × DSLR Camera
1 × Optics
3 × Tripod
Wireless Lavalier
4 × Wireless Lavalier Mic
mic instrumental condenser
2 × Overhead mic
Digital audio mixer
1 × Digital audio mixer
Video mixer 8ch
1 × Video mixer 8ch
Camera monitor
1 × Camera monitor
Big LED panel
2 × Big LED panel
Small LED panel
2 × Small LED panel
LED Sticks
1 × LED Sticks
LED Circle
1 × LED Circle
Broadcast director
1 × Broadcast director
2 × Cameraman
Sound engineer
1 × Sound engineer
Light engineer
1 × Light engineer
1 × Technician
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Client location

Our team can drive to client location and build setup for any kind of online streaming or multi-camera filming.
We have all equipment ready for broadcast and record from your location.
Try our turnkey propositions like interview, conference, presentation or live music.
We will help you to realise all your ideas at all production stages.
Stream live, record simultaneously, edit in high quality, and upload the episodes.

Basic setup

3 cameras with 2 cameraman
6 wireless lavalier microphones, a digital sound mixer
A video switcher with two monitors.
Portable green screen and a set of LED lights.
Broadcast director, sound engineer, light engineer, technician.


Up to 8 cameras or 6 cameras and 2 channels for playback and dynamic titling.
5 cameraman for cameras control.
8 wireless lavalier microphones.
2 wireless hand microphones.

Production and broadcast process

Start broadcasting through our re-streaming server to all social media accounts, groups, and channels.
While streaming, you can interact with viewers not just with answers to comments but also bring them to the show through video call.
We can show the video content that you need through a monitor for guests and full screen for viewers.
We are streaming and recording each camera with Blackmagic ATEM mini Extreme ISO, so after all, we can make corrections in postproduction.

Postproduction process

Editing captured video.
Colour correction and grading.
Motion graphics and animated titles if needed.
A rendering of the main video.

Time terms

The minimum rental time is 3 hours.
Up to 2 hours of recording and broadcast.