Eyes Wide Shut ballet 

Eyes Wide Shut ballet by Viktor Ishchuk filmed at the National Opera of Ukraine
Target audience – Ballet fans, classical art and culture lovers around the world.
Technical task – multi-camera filming, editing, color grade, sound mastering, and video postproduction.

The premiere of the ballet took place on October 21, 2021
at the 1st International Ballet UA Festival in National Opera of Ukraine

The play has no plot: it is several love stories, each of which has its own separate meaning. The performance consists of solo, duet, and corps de ballet numbers, each of them calls to each other and connects all the stories into one. Inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s film “With Eyes Wide Shut”, because it is difficult to say what exactly it is about. It concentrates on human relations.
In addition to dancers, musicians also take part in the performance. They are a living decoration during the performance: on one side of the stage there will be a quartet of violin, viola, cello, and double bass, and on the other a grand piano.

Eyes Wide Shut ballet credits:
Music by J.S. Bach, S. Rachmaninoff, F. Chopin
Director – Viktor Ishchuk
Conductor – Mykola Diadura
Costume designer – Lusine Babalian
Tutor teacher – Serhiy Bondur
A director who conducts performances – Denis Odintsov

Natalia Matsak, Serhiy Kryvokon
Yulia Moskalenko, Viktor Ishchuk
Alexandra Beryozkina, Kateryna Gidzil, Diana Ivanchenko, Maryna Lastovyna, Diana Stetsenko, Anastasia Tyokina
Tetyana Koichurenko (violin)
Polina Kruglova (viola)
Iryna Sydorenko (cello)
Andriy Melnyk (double bass)
Gabriela Lina Magalyas (piano)