RFA Brno

RFA Brno 2022 season
Target audience: fans of fighting sports (MMA, IAF, SLAM, and MMAA)
Technical task: video editing and production of highlight videos.

Video production for F-Art Studio and Real Fight Arena

RFA 5 another MMA tournament held on 29 10 2022 in Brno. Important information about the Real Fight Arena 5 event, the program, the final results of the tournament and where you could watch the gala evening can be found in the article.
MMA fans could look forward to more interesting matches from the RFA MMA organization at the RFA 5 Brno tournament. Three weeks ago, a successful gala evening in Košice, and now we are ready for another batch of matches at RFA 5.
RFA continued the established trend and we saw matches in MMA, K1, and in Real Fight which means stance matches with modified rules.

Really interesting names of the Czech-Slovak MMA scene presented themselves at the RFA 5 tournament. The organization published the names that were not missing from the customer card and they were Vojtech Garba, Václav Sivak, Tomáš Hron, Bruce Souto, Leo Brichta, Tadeáš Ružička and other fighters. The name Alexander Butenko also appeared on the card. This Ukrainian fighter has several dozen matches in prestigious MMA leagues. In his career, he had 51 wins, 3 draws and 17 losses. In his rich career, he won the title of lightweight champion in the M-1 organization.

RFA Brno event:
Michael Rirsch VS Jan Fajk
Arbi Mezhidov VS Julio Baretto
Patrik Zadera VS Ladislav Kristufek
Dawid Rozak VS Jiri Jaros
Carlo Prater VS Alexander Butenko
Andrea Mascia VS Tadeas Ruzicka
Jackson Loureiro VS Leo Brichta
Alexis Laugeois VS Vaclav Sivak
Alexis Souto VS Vojtech Garba
Ivan Bartek VS Tomas Hron