Young Talents and Ballet Stars Gala

4k filming of “Young Talents and Ballet Stars Gala” by Alla Sytnik Kyiv Ballet School
Target audience – potentially ballet students, dancers fans and family’s, ballet lovers around the world.
Technical task – 4k two camera performance filming, video editing, colour correction, noise reduction, post production, short video teaser.

“Young Talents and Ballet Stars Gala” live performance concert initially dedicated to 2020 New Year. This production show level of young ballet students and the result that they rich from the beginning of education year. Also Kyiv ballet school by Alla Sytnik gather soloists from all national theatre’s of Ukraine and students from Kyiv state ballet college on stage of Culture and Arts center of the Security Service of Ukraine.

Young students of Alla Sytnik ballet school altogether with students of Kyiv state ballet collegeAyame Hijikata, Polina Chepik and Demyan Reshetnyak
Prima ballerina of National Opera of Ukraine honoured artist of Ukraine Ekaterina Alaeva
Soloists from Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre – honoured artist of Ukraine Irina Khandazhevskaya and Aleksey Knyazkov
Principal dancers of Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre honoured artist of Ukraine Serge Dotsenko and Larisa Grytsay
Soloists from Lviv National Opera – honoured artist of Ukraine Sergiy Kachura and Darina Kirik
Principal dancers from Kyiv OperaMie Nagasawa and Vladislav Bondar