#KultMedia web development

Full-stack web development for – accessory brand on EU market.
Target audience: visitors of medical exhibitions and regular laboratory workers.
Technical task – eCommerce web-app with payment and delivery systems based on cloud service.

For building our web app we like all times choose DigitalOcean cloud services. We setting up the Ubuntu server operating system and domain name hosting. Then installing WordPress software with WooCommerce platform for easy operating inside of admin panel for client managers. For payment system our client choose PayTrail and PayPal as most usable customer service. We also help our client to setup all bank and payment system accounts with consulting service. At the same time we use Foundation front-end framework for responsive web design and Yoast plugin for SEO optimisation of all images and pages.

In the end of web development of we also provide consulting services for client content managers and administrators. This include video calls and instructions about how to use WP admin panel, crate product pages and check sales amount or delivery progress.

This accessory brand inspired by germs and world of biology is a side-project of XEMA Finland. Main idea is to wear medical personal to fashion accessories with microbiology patterns and give them easy way to bay it from any place on earth thought internet.