Balletistan Online Ballet Gala

Balletistan Online Ballet Gala – live streaming event.
Target audience – Ballet fans, classical art and culture lovers around the world.
Technical task – Live stream broadcast in many social media accounts.

During the COVID-19 pandemic time almost all government theatres close the doors for public. As a result artists and audience lost connection in real life. In these difficult and strange times, both the artists and the audience need the healing power of art and culture more than ever. While protecting the health of our community, Balletistan aim to create a stage for the ballet artists to share their fine art with the rest of the world online and for free. So our team decide to make live performance broadcast from private theatre “Bravo” based in Kyiv Ukraine. Therefore we invite local artists from National Opera of Ukraine and Ukrainian Classical Ballet. Here is the cast of this performance:
People’s artist of Ukraine Elena Filipyeva.
Honored artists of Ukraine Tania Lozova, Yaroslav Tkachuk.
Solists of National Opera of Ukraine Anastasia Gurskaya, Anna Muromtseva, Veronica Gordina, Elizaveta Gogidze, Stanislav Olshanskiy, Andrii Gavryshkiv, Alex Tutunnique, Sergii Kryvokon, Vitaliy Nitrunenko.
Soloist of Ukrainian Classical Ballet Inga Matskeva.

In the end we was only ones in Ukraine who make real time performance for livestream where artists dance live. Balletistan Online Ballet Gala always will be a reminding about hard pandemic times.