Because we have collaborated with Balletistan since their inception, we produced all of the media for this project.

Firstly, we created exclusive branding using classic Eastern styles that will represent Turkey.
We used eastern calligraphy created by an Istanbul master to create the logo. Then, we created a branding style using the concept of a logotype.

Secondly, we created promotional videos from footage captured live at the gala concert “From Kyiv to Istanbul”.
We used client video files and animated corporate graphics to produce ad clips.

Thirdly, we did full-stack web development for

After the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Balletistan decided to start online projects such as online streams and online teaching. We provided our online streaming services for the next projects:

World Dance Day streaming marathon 2020 | 2021
Wednesday Talk (English podcast with world ballet stars)
Saturday Talk (Turkish podcast with Turkish dancers and teachers)
Online Gala from Kyiv (exclusive real-time online concert from Ukraine during pandemic time)
Private ballet training with famous ballet dancers

The next project was a full-circle video production of the “Forest Song” performance at the National Opera of Ukraine.
Exclusive filming of ballet production dedicated to Lesia Ukrainka’s anniversary.

While running all projects, we also provided photo and graphics design services to the client, as well as consulting and SMM.