COVID-19 Diagnostic Methods Webinar

Webinar about COVID-19 diagnostic methods from Ukrainian research and production enterprise XEMA Ukraine.
Target audience – Civilian Ukrainian people, regular laboratory workers.
Technical task – Multi camera talk show with demonstration of presentation slides. Connect guest through video call. Organise sign language translation.

While COVID-19 pandemic time our client decide to make explanation webinar with easy understanding language for regular people and medical personal. When citizens want to make test they want to understand deference between methods of corona virus diagnostic also as regular medical personal wants to have answers to peoples questions about rapid antigen tests or ELISA and PCR tests. Even more for people with hearing impairments all information translated with sign language interpreter.

For this live streaming event we build portable broadcast studio inside of client laboratory in central office building. Multi camera setup with wired cameras for guest speakers, and NDI wireless camera for sign language interpreter. We capture screen from speakers notebook for demonstration of presentation slides. Another key point was a video call with guest who was on the road and talk with studio from wayside of highway. We did this project with team that include only 3 person.

This COVID-19 diagnostic methods webinar is a good example of online teaching or distance training mechanism for corporate clients or government organisations.