XEMA Ukraine

Cooperation with Xema Ukraine begins from print design for medical exhibition. Infographics for brand stands based on corporative colours of logo and product boxes.
Quick production and effect from stands based on customers reaction was the reason why company decide to give us task to redesign their web page.

Main task for website was to crate visual catalogue for all products of a company. Most clients is a whole sale customers and they need to have access to fresh information about products on the storage including look of items and wide description.
We make product photo session for all items and crate design using colour palette of boxes.
As result we have presentation website with complete list of production items.
We support our product for Xema Ukraine next 3 year after creation. Also we make consultations for WordPress administrator users, reanimate database after user mistakes and make backups every month.

Also we help with organisation of 10th years anniversary corporative party of XEMA Ukraine.
The job was to find place with the stage close to water, bring popular band Pianoboy as a guest and build the stage with equipment from rental. Make photo shoot and cook original branded pie.

Next idea was to crate realtime offline game for medical laboratories workers – that’s how Formula-X was born. So the task was to crate demonstration videos of game itself using footage from first race of pipetting skills contest in Lviv at 2019. Graphics design that was crated for this videos after was used for all branding of Formula-X project. After that we start work with Finland office.

In time of corona virus we are help Xema to communicate with people thought live streaming. Together we crate webinar with guest calls and sign language translation. Main theme was – Methods of COVID-19 diagnostics.