Profession Check conference

Profession Check conference on the Oleksandr Pedan YouTube channel called Pedan Can
Target audience – graduates of Ukrainian schools and future students of higher education institutions.
Technical task – Multi camera live streaming of conference.

On this project, we are gathering a professional team. 4 cameramen, a sound engineer, a lower thirds operator, and a broadcast director. Setup built at the customer’s location in cooperation with the local tech team. Our goal is to create quality entertainment and educational content on Ukrainian YouTube and help our clients make professional broadcasts.

During Profession Check conference, you will be able to learn more about professions and career growth opportunities in Ukraine. Well-known and successful expert speakers will tell without embellishments about the behind-the-scenes work and destroy stereotypes about their professions.

The experience will be shared by:

  • chef, restaurateur, public activist Yevhen Klopotenko
  • comedian, actor and volunteer Vasyl Baidak
  • doctor-cardiologist Oleksandr Teleguzova
  • marketing director of MEGOGO Valeriya Tolochyna
  • Dmytro Lavrinenko, vice president of engineering at Uklon

The moderator of the event is Oleksandr Pedan, who will also tell the story of building his own career.
Young viewers can ask questions to the speakers during the live broadcast and get candid answers about the path to success.