Oleksandr Pedan

Oleksandr Pedan is a Ukrainian showman and TV presenter, blogger and public figure.
Author of high-quality entertainment and educational content on Ukrainian YouTube.
Oleksandr is the creator of YouTube channel Pedan Can (Укр. Педан Може)
Our team makes online streaming for his project, called ProfessionCheck.


Oleksandr Pedan TV presenter carrier

In 2006 Alexander became the leading Comedy Club UA, as well as a member of the club’s weekly parties and TV broadcasts. The bright individual image of the entertainer gave him the creative pseudonym – Alexander “Angel” Pedan.
In 2008, Pedan became one of the leading morning show “Rise” on the Novyi Kanal in partnership with Freimuth and Prytula. Together they led the “Rise” until May 2011.
2008 led TV show “Ukraine does not believe in tears” with Masha Efrosinina and Serhiy Prytula. 2010–2011 – became a participant of the show “Make me funny” with Serhiy PrytulaMasha Efrosinina, Dmitry Kolyadenko, Andriy Domansky, Anastasiya Kassilova and Sergey Kuzin.
2010–2011 – became the judge of the show “Sing, if you can” with the leading Serhiy Prytula and Masha Efrosinina.
2011 – became the leader of the extreme show “I am the Hero!” With Serhiy Prytula and the world champion in gymnastics Lilia Podkopaeva. In the same year, Alexander becomes the lead show “Intuition” – his first solo project on the Novyi Kanal.

Oleksandr Pedan TV producer

2010 – became the creator and co-founder of the sports and music festival Z-games. By 2013 held within the Kazantip festival in Crimea, since 2014 it takes place in the Gulf of Odesa region. In 2015, this festival gathered a record number of sports enthusiasts – more than 10 thousand.
March–June 2012 – leads the show “Pack the suitcase”. March 2012 – Alexander becomes a judge in the show “Who is the top?”.
Summer 2012 – along with Freimut and Prytula leads the show “CabrioLito”.
On March 10, 2013, the informal and entertaining evening project “Pedan-Prytula Show” launched on the Novyi Kanal. Pedan became the lead and creative producer of the show, along with Serhiy Prytula. Since 2014, he has been running the Heart of Three project, having spent three seasons of this show.
2014–2015 – Leading in two seasons of the program “Cheap and Anger”.

Oleksandr Pedan Public activity

2014 – Organized a concert on the Day of the Border Guard in the front-line zone
2015 became the author and creator of the project to the Mother’s Day “ATO Soldiers read poetry to their mothers”
2016 – together with Oleg Skrypka and Sergey Prytula, supported the social project “Hour of Code”, in which, among other things, the children of 130 Ukrainian schools learned IT programing.
2018 – recording videos in support of Oleg Sentsov, a Ukrainian prisoner