Vlad Lyashenko Tribute

The Vlad Lyashenko Tribute Concert is dedicated to the memory of the famous Ukrainian alternative rock and metal producer.
Target audience – alternative rock and metal fans in Ukraine, people who know Vlad personally.
Technical task – Multi camera live streaming of the music tribute show.

For this charity event, we are gathering the best team of our cameramen and broadcast director. It was a big honor for us to present this event in our online tv social media project called

Vlad Lyashenko – how much can we say about him. Principles, honesty, tenacity, drive, and a person with a big heart – this is exactly what he is about. We all know him as a man of his word, a man of truth, and a man of indomitable spirit.
He formed and enriched the Ukrainian metal scene, bringing it to a new level.
A tireless organizer, in love with his work, a talented producer, and an ardent and active figure of Ukrainian musical culture.
Co-founder of the InshaMuzyka label and Radio Submarina. Concert director of the Bingo, MonteRay clubs and director of the Bel`Etage club.

The Vlad Lyashenko Tribute Concert in Bel’Etage Music Hall is an event of honor and recognition.
An event of musical pleasure, because that’s exactly what he wanted.
On the stage:
ORGAN.ED (Shadazz)