Kult.TV – online streaming television and video production social media channel about Ukrainian culture and art based on the Kult-Media multimedia production company.

Kult.TV project created by Kult-Media CEO Sergiy Nirvanych in November 16, 2015, right after YouTube opened online streaming for Ukrainian users. Since that time, Kult.TV has made a lot of broadcasts and filmed art events such as ballet, orchestra, and opera performances, poetry evenings, exhibitions of paintings, live rock and world music concerts and festivals, DJ sets and even kitchen show.

During long history our project was based in deferent locations in Kyiv, Ukraine.
We start in 6 level art space with projects in cooperation with InterKULTURA and Vladimir Soroka. And soon start our own projects with live streaming of paintings exhibitions and live music events.
Then we moved to Ukrainian studio of chronicle and documentary films where we begin new cooperation with KyivSoundStudio and Andrii Mishyn and also continue live streaming of musical and poetry events.
After that we move to the Bravo Theatre and crate 3 beautiful online ballet charity gala and poetry events.
Soon we build our first studio on top of the building in Home Cinema penthouse. Refresh our technical setup to FullHD and begin new chapter of the Kult.TV project. On that time we produce live streaming of Kitchen show and continue with musical live events.
And finally after many years of changing locations we build our own ultimate Kult-Media studio in the historical center of Kyiv.

Kult.TV has social media accounts on YouTube, FaceBook and Instagram, fell free to follow us!