Koransha photo session 2018

Koransha Photo session for 2018 Japan summer tour.
Target audience – Ballet fans, tour visitors, classical art and culture lovers from Japan.
Technical task – Photo session on white cyclorama for posters, concert programs and other promotion materials.

In May 2018 right before summer Japan tour we have first project with Koransha Inc. In this case we need to organise photo session with ballet artists from National Opera of Ukraine for tour promotion materials. At first we choose F1 photo studio in Kyiv downtown near Opera House with large white cyclorama. After that during shootings we work on scenes from five deferent ballets, such as modern Carmen, La Bayadere, Korsar, Flower Festival, Diana and Actaeon and Les millions d’Arlequin.

Cast of artists:
Peoples artist of Ukraine Elene Filipyeva
Honoured artists of Ukraine Mykyta Sukhorukov and Konstantin Pozharnitsky
Principal dancer Anna Muromtseva
Soloists Veronika Gordina, Vitaliy Netrunenko, Andriy Gavryshkiv
Artists Kateryna Peti, Maria Kirsanova, Daryna Kirik

After Koransha photo session in 2018 we have other cooperation with company. In 2021 we film “The Snow Queen” and in 2022 “Swan Lake“. Both ballet performances record on stage of National Opera of Ukraine with multi camera setup and professional former ballet artists as a team.