Koransha Swan Lake

Swan Lake Ballet Video Production for Koransha Inc.
Target audience – Ballet fans, classical art and culture lovers.
Technical task – Multi camera 4k filming, editing, colour correction, sound mastering and post production.

Accordingly to previous success cooperation with Koransha Inc such as photo session for 2018 summer tour and filming “The Snow Queen” ballet for winter 2021 tour promotion we have request for next production. This time we must record video of Swan Lake ballet performed live on stage of National Opera of Ukraine for 2022 winter tour promotion. We take this task with pleasure and filming performance on February 2022 and we finish production one day before Russian Invasion to Ukraine.

Odette/Odile – Anna Muromtseva
Prince Siegfried – Mykyta Sukhorukov
Von Rothbart – Vitaliy Netrunenko

Work process include:
– Installation of cameras at theatre before performance for light tests
– More than 3 hours of 4k multi camera recording
– Video editing
– Colour correction
– De noise process
– Audio mastering
– Rendering to 4k and 1080p with h.265 and h.264 codecs
After that Japanese video engineer add graphics, in/out rolls to crate final version for publishing.

Unfortunately COVID-19 pandemic and after that Russian War in Ukraine cancel two last tours to Japan, so Koransha decide to upload full performances of “Swan Lake” and “The Snow Queen” to YouTube channel.