Control Room

hr: 20 $


The Control Room

The Control Room is a fully equipped work space for any type of multi-media production.
Include a vocal / instrumental room for sound recording. 
3 workspace can contain up to 5 team members.
Independent power supply line with grounding and a 20kWt online UPS with stably symmetric sinusoids.

Key features

Stream live from all studio rooms or work on your video footage using the Main workspace equipment. 
Record voiceovers for your ads and videos for social media! 
Compose music or record your band!

Main workspace

The Control Room has modern equipment for streaming, video, and audio production. 
For livestream and synchro recording, we use the 8 channel video switcher Blackmagic ATEM mini ISO Extreme.
18 channel digital audio mixer, Behringer XR-18 with Tannoy Mercury M2 and Audio Technica ATH-M50 audio monitoring. 
The Mac Mini 2020 M1 16GB comes with two 32″ 4k HDR10 displays and a 50″ 4k HDR10 led TV for video editing and colour correction. 
For music composing and rehearsal, you can use the Portable Grand Piano Yamaha DGX-205.

Additional workplaces

Second production place
MacPro 2,1 8 core 3GHz Intel Xeon, 32gb RAM for photo and audio production, video production up to 1080 60p is also possible.
Samsung SyncMaster 2494 Full HD monitor, DigiDesign DIGI002 sound device, M-Audio Axiom 49 MIDI keyboard, Sony audio monitoring system.

Light, extra audio, and VJ Place
Acer Aspire P3 tablet PC with WI-FI DMX controller and QLC+ software for light control. 
Mackie 32/8/4 audio mixing console for extra audio channels on live music events.

Vocal/Instrumental Room

RODE NTK Lamp microphone for voice and musical instrument recording.
Shure SM57 – golden standard dynamic microphone
2 Beyerdynamic MC930-high quality instrumental cardioid microphone
4 channel headphones amp 
Audio Technica ATH-M50 monitoring headphones. 
Music stand for your text or score.

Commutation and routing

All studio rooms connected to the Control Room with video and audio cables. 
The vocal/instrumental room connected with 2 HDMI channels for video and 4 XLR+Stereo monitoring for audio recording. 
The Pavilion connected with 12 HDMI channels—8 for cameras and 4 for back-monitoring lines. And a 28-channel XLR multicore for audio recording and monitoring. 
4 HDMI channels connect a small studio. 
The Conference Room also connected with 4 HDMI channels. 

All of these massive HDMI cables are connected to the 16 channel matrix and then selected channels go to the video switcher. 
Audio cables also come to Main workplace and are plugged into the digital audio mixer. 
VJ Workplace is connected to the Main workspace and the Pavilion with 2 HDMI channels on each connection.

The Control Room rent terms

You can rent a Control room for audio or video production and broadcast. 
The minimum rental time for audio production is 1 hour. 
The minimum rental time for video production or broadcast is 3 hours.