Pavilion Loft

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Black Room
Green Screen
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A pavilion with a white bricks loft walls.

Room with white brick, black rubber floor and sound reverb isolation.
The Pavilion Loft is good for music videos and live performances as well as for the production of videos for social media.
RGBA LED strips make a dynamic gradient on white walls and give you the ability to choose colours for your decoration.

Sizes & specifications

Our studio is based in the historical city center of Kyiv and has a large square room of 50m2 with no windows and a 3m high soundproof ceiling.
The top layer of the floor was made from black rubber roll covering for gyms, so you can be less stressed if someone drops something. 
The LED track lights have a maximum fill light of 32 000 lm and RGBA LED strips are controlled by a WI-FI DMX controller and the QLC+ software. 
We have an independent power supply line with grounding running at 220/380V 60A and a 20kWt online UPS with stably symmetric sinusoids.
Special air conditioning system for cooling or heating.

Pavilion Loft demonstration video

What you will get for rent.

Together with the pavilion, we will give you for rent a complex of rooms and everything you need for the production process. 
Small studio with a big makeup table and a full-height mirror. 
We have two toilets and a shower for our guests.
Cafe with 100% freshly ground arabica coffee beans and all types and methods of coffee preparation. 
Small kitchen with a fridge and microwave for a team catering event. 
The 3 LED light panel for extra light will be a good enhancement to the track fill lights.

The rest of the equipment for filming, streaming, and video production you can find in our rental service.

The minimum rental time for a pavilion is 3 hours.

You can rent a studio pavilion for no less than 3 hours.
Rent starts at your booked time and stops after the last item leaves the studio. 
For music videos and talk shows, the minimum rental time is 6 hours.

Transformation and flexibility

The Pavilion has different interior variants that include the following options: 
Black cabinet with or without a fill light. 
White bricks loft with RGBA LED strips and black curtains, with or without fill light.
The Big Green Screen area has a 5x3m wall and floor that can contain up to 6 people at full height.