Music video

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Music video production
DSLR Camera
1 × DSLR Camera
1 × Optics
1 × SteadyCam
1 × Slider
1 × Kran
1 × Tripod
Camera monitor
1 × Camera monitor
Big LED panel
2 × Big LED panel
Small LED panel
2 × Small LED panel
LED Sticks
1 × LED Sticks
LED Circle
1 × LED Circle
1 × Cameraman
1 × Technician
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Filming and production of Music videos

Full circle of music video production in 4K.
We have all equipment ready for filming your music video.
Just call us or write through contact form.

Music video showreel 2022


We always care about our clients ideas, especially musicians.
Every music composition needs deep involving into the details of sound and lyrics to create an original scenario.
If you already have idea and scenario we will calculate budget in short period of time and film with pleasure.
But, if you have only idea or even don’t have it at all, we will help you with next steps:

Pre production process

Developing ideas and conceptions for you to choose.
Write a scenario based on the idea that you choose.
Create a storyboard or video from reference episodes so you can imagine the final product.
Write technical riders for shooting and technical tasks for the whole project.

Music video production process

Setup music instruments, lights, and filming equipment in our studio or in other locations chosen by the client.
Makeup for all participants in the shootings.
Working on expression with artists while shooting.
Preview shots on playback.

Postproduction process

Editing captured video to create a music video following the storyboard.
Color correction and grading.
Motion graphics and animated titles if needed.
A rendering of the main video.


You always can choose any location for filming or use our studio.
The studio is based in the historical city center of Kyiv, close to Lvivska Square.
The studio complex includes a pavilion, a small studio with a makeup table, a conference room in the office, a control room with a sound booth, a cafe, a kitchen, two toilets and a shower.
The production office has 3 independent entrances and parking. Guests can visit the studio incognito by parking their car and going in the back door.
Cafe with 100% freshly ground arabica coffee beans and all types and methods of coffee preparation.