Forest Song Ballet Production

Forest Song Ballet Video Production
Target audience – Ballet fans, classical art and culture lovers.
Technical task – Multi camera filming, editing, colour grade, sound mastering and post production.

Forest Song Ballet Production – another project sponsored by Balletistan. This time we film original ballet performance at National Opera Of Ukraine. During anniversary celebration of 150th birthday of world-renowned Ukrainian writer Lesya Ukrainka artists perform famous play “The Forest Song”.
Main cast significantly represent Ukrainian ballet:
Honored Artists of Ukraine and Principal Dancers of the National Opera of Ukraine, Tetiana Lozova as Mavka and Yaroslav Tkachuk as Lukash.
Soloists of the National Opera of Ukraine Ksenia Novikova as Kylyna and Vitaliy Netrunenko as Perelesnik.
Conductor – peoples artist of Ukraine professor Allin Vlasenko

In this case we film performance with 6 video cameras and record sound in orchestra pit. After that we make full circle of video production including editing, cutting, colour grading, noise correction, post production, sound editing and mastering. In the same time we organise photo shooting of performance with one of our favourite photographer Oleksandra Zlunitsyna. Then we make colour grading and post production to the photos selected by artists.

Overall this project capture one of the most special moments in history of Ukrainian culture and will present unique art to the world in the future.