From Kyiv to Istanbul Gala showreel

“From Kyiv to Istanbul” ballet gala showreel video.
Target audience: Ballet and classical art lovers and sponsors.
Technical task: Crate short presentation video from client footage. Video for social media.

On the beginning of our cooperation with Balletistan project we started with the video production and branding design.
Short showreel produced from footage filmed on concert at April 30, 2019 at Süreyya Opera House in Istanbul, Turkey.
This beautiful gala show was hosted by Istanbul State Opera and Ballet. Soloists from Kyiv and Istanbul Ballet performed a very rich and diverse program including classical ballet along with the Ukrainian and Turkish repertoire. Video must present event for sponsors, potentially visitors of next gala and ballet lovers around the world.

Firstly we created branding graphics for the logo animation. Then we prepared client footage for video production. In this case we also picked music part for soundtrack and edit videos to make post production.
Video showreel “From Kyiv to Istanbul” ballet gala is not the only product from this show. We also did post-production of the photos taken at this performance. After, we used branding style to develop web designs for website. As a result we have long term relationship with Balletistan project and give birth to new ideas together with the client.