Xema Prima animation video

Another motion graphics project for corporate presentation – Xema Prima animation video.
Target audience – Clinic or laboratory owners and regular visitors on medical exhibition MEDICA 2020.
Technical task – infographic animation video created from client media files and his direct ideas.

In the light of preparation to world biggest medical exhibition MEDICA 2020 our client request a bunch of motion graphics videos for screens on stands and website. Most important part of exhibition program is a presentation of new medical equipment for laboratories. Prima – is a new laboratory equipment for ELISA tests.

Following emotions as a creator our client has prepared content and idea for realisation.
Firstly painter crate original drawings of opera singer on stage with flowers for animation following client annotations.
Secondly photographer take product pictures of Prima equipment.
Thirdly client given us really structured technical scenario for two versions. Not only long version for screens on stands, but also short version for internet promotion. So basically we started production in the same way as constructing from LEGO bricks with instruction.

Afterwards we made Xema Prima animation video in two versions. Here you can find short version. Long version include all the same information, but time for reading slides is two times bigger than in short version. Also during preparation for exhibition we produced videos for Formula-X pipetting skills contest website.