#KultMedia web development

Full-stack web development for – pipetting skills contest.
Target audience: laboratory workers on medical exhibitions and around the world.
Technical task – web-app style website with registration form for racers and teams based on cloud service.

First project for XEMA Finland as a result of previous job for XEMA Ukraine office.
Since first race in Lviv 2019 we start to produce videos and graphic designs for Formula-X – pipetting skills contest for laboratory workers. Project that have mission to entertain visitors of medical exhibitions while they walk around stands and installations.
For personal data security and quick website feedback we choose DigitalOcean cloud service.
For web development we use WordPress software with Foundation front-end framework.

Specially for this project we created original infographics and designs. We use this elements for whole company, such as print designs, graphics animation videos and website it self. Stands of XEMA on biggest in Europe medical exhibition MEDICA 2019 show videos with the rules and invitation to the race on big screens. Also there was a lot of accessories with our designs like t-shorts, bags, caps and even mousepads.

After finish of web development we also provide SEO optimisation for all pictures and pages of website. One year of support and monthly backups plus video calls with instructions for content manager.