Zarely Iana Salenko Video

Zarely role model Iana Salenko promotion video
Target audience: Dancers, sportsman, active people who love fashion.
Technical task: Video from client footage for social media and e-mail ad campaign.

Zarely not just only ballet tights company it’s also luxury dance and active wear fashion brand. Company with different type of business such as wholesalers BTB and individual BTC sales needs to support assortment of items with ballet stars posters and videos. That’s why Zarely has a big list of role models, witch inspire clients to look like professional ballet dancers. Meanwhile client want to produce video for promotion of Zarely role model Iana Salenko. From footage taken at photo session in Berlin Opera by photographer Dean Barucija.

Principal dancer with Berlin State Ballet and guest principal at the Royal Ballet Iana Salenko shows perfect body lines. Slow and beautiful moves underline wear design lines. She inspires young talents to look alike and buy the same dance clothes.

So we make postproduction to the footage and crate long and short HD video versions for email promotion and video hosting. Then reframe footage and produce 15 independent stories. All this materials was published and sanded all around the world with promotion campaign.