Zarely dance wear company created by professional ballet dancers for another dancers with production office in Kyiv, Ukraine. German brand for USA and EU market.
Technical task: multi-media production support, photo shootings, graphic designs, video ad’s, motion graphics, social media content, product pictures.

During summer of 2017 we meet great team of Zarely. Accordingly with the result of personal meeting with founder Mateo Klemmaer we decide to cooperate in content creation aspect. After that time we produce a lot of audio-visual content for eCommerce and social media.

initially on the beginning of cooperation we start with product pictures photo session for deferent items in web store:
Iana Leggings
Maia Blue Seamless Leggings
Yuriko Green Detail Leggings
Yuriko Green Detail Top
Karina Panel Leggings
Karina Asymmetric Top
Ana coloured leotards
Alicia Black Mesh Leotard
Anna Transformable Long Sleeved Top

After that we work on inspirational photo session for some items from Zarely collection:
Yurico Green Set Leggings & Top
Anna Set Long sleeved top & thermo leggings
Karina Set Leggings & Asymmetric Top
Sasha Top
Anna Transformable Long Sleeved Top
Z1 Tights

Also we produce posters for social media ad’s campaign:
Anna Leotards presentation campaign
Black Friday campaign
Valentines special campaign

At the same time we produce videos for the products and ad’s campaign:
Firstly Shanon Set video.
Secondly Seamless Leagings campaign.
Thirdly Pop Lock campaign for neoprene set.
After that Z-Tights promotion video.
And later Ana Leotards campaign.
Also motion graphics video for Valentine special ad’s campaign.