Zarely Pop Lock Neoprene-style

Zarely Pop Lock Neoprene-style video campaign.
Target audience: Dancers, sportsman, active people who love fashion.
Technical task: Videos for social media in long and short versions for horizontal and portrait orientation.

Zarely is a luxury dance and active wear German brand for US and EU market with production office in Ukraine. One of the activewear models Neoprene suit was ready for sales. This product need to be presented with combination of ballet and pop-lock dancers. Their movements must underline and effectively present lines of active wear design, show elastics and comfort of suit.

Accordingly to the client content plan for ad campaign in social media we need to produce different versions of video. Generally task include classical 16:9 and stories 9:16 versions. In this case in preparation stage we decide to choose white cyclorama as background for shooting. This give us more ability to reframe footage from horizontal to vertical orientation. We also organised rehearsal with dancers to crate choreography combinations for filming and take demo shots for client approving.

On post production stage we cut episodes of movements to create effect that client needs. Finally we produce long and short versions of video for Zarely Pop Lock Neoprene-style ads campaign.