Zarely Valentine Special Campaign

Zarely Valentine Special Sales Campaign
Target audience: Dancers, sportsman, active people who love fashion.
Technical task: Video for social media ad campaign.

During cooperation with luxury high fashion dance and active wear brand Zarely we produced a lot of product and inspirational photo sessions. While period of sales client office choose items for discount and request motion animation video production. Following office choice we take product pictures from list and create cycle motion animation from images and titles. Video Loop is a good tool for paid social media advertising because it keeps the attention of potential customer.

Zarely Valentine Special Campaign is a good example of quick and easy production with minimal budget. Client don’t need to rent photo or video studio also as team and equipment. All process goes with content that was already created before. Client use this video for big social media campaign in US and EU market. The client, using all modern e-commerce technologies, launches an advertising campaign on various social media such as Google, Facebook and Instagram. Not only video present this discount sale, there was also banners for static html banners, covers for social media accounts and deferent size banners. In total we produced whole pack of audio-visual content for promotional plan.