Daylana is a Ukrainian singer from Kryvyi Rih with an original name of Svitlana Deykun, who now lives and work in Kyiv. Studied at the Kryvyi Rih Musical College and TV school ShowMax. Now studying Acting at Ukrainian Film School in Kyiv. From childhood Svitlana singing in the choir and with time start solo carrier as a singer in her hometown. In repertoire was mostly cover songs, but later Svitlana take stage name Daylana and decide to record original songs.

During the war in Ukraine Daylana must escape from the country with family and small kids. Staying outside of Ukraine Svitlana decide to produce new song dedicated to Ukrainian brave soldiers, volunteers and people who suffer from russian aggression in Ukrainian war. Thats how the idea of original track “Kuli” was born. With help of a friends Svitlana meet our team and tell us about her ideas. After that we decide to propose crate special project with new technology.

Our cooperation starts from production of music video for track “Kuli“. We use new contemporary technology – Virtual production in 3d game engine Unity also as video editing and postproduction in DaVinci Resolve. Also Daylana’s voice recorded in our studio and after that sanded to musical producer Andrew Osadchuk.