Deylana – Kuli

Deylana – Kuli, music video production.

Target audience – Ukrainian music and art fans around the world.
Technical task – Green screen filming, 3D composing, colour grading, postproduction, audio record.

This music video produced with new and modern technology – Virtual production, with 3D game engine Unity. Video editing and postproduction made with DaVinci Resolve.
The voice of Daylana for Kuli track recorded in Kult-Media sound studio and after that raw material send to musical producer and song author Andrew Osadchuk, for final mix and mastering for track.

First we record the main voice and back vocals for lip sync on future video. Then we shoot the singer on green screen in our pavilion with own equipment. After that footage edited in DaVinci Resolve for to be ready to loaded in to Unity 3D scene. The Unity scene created with free 3D scans of damage from russian aggression in Ukraine. After footage integrated in to the scene all camera movement was make with virtual cameras inside Unity. In the end colour grading and postproduction give us final result. Deylana – Kuli is a new page in our music video production process.

This song dedicated to all people who hurt by russian federation durring war in Ukraine. And specially for Ukrainian soldiers that brave enough to fight even without ammunition. Glory to Ukraine!