Blogger PRO

from 70$ /hour

Ready to streaming ultimate setup for professional blogging.
1 × Pavilion
Track Light
1 × Track Light
Big LED panel
2 × Big LED panel
LED Circle
1 × LED Circle
DSLR Camera
1 × DSLR Camera
1 × Optics
TV Camera
2 × TV Camera
2 × Tripod
1 × Kran
Camera monitor
1 × Camera monitor
Video mixer 4ch
1 × Video mixer 4ch
Lavalier mic
1 × Lavalier mic
Monoblock PC
1 × Monoblock PC
1 × Notebook
Graphic tablet
1 × Graphic tablet
1 × Administrator
1 × Technician
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Ready to use ultimate setup – Blogger PRO.

If you are professional blogger with a lot of followers who not just talk to the camera but also showing some processes – then complete ultimate solution Blogger PRO is for you.
You are musician or painter? Or may be you present products with unboxing or give yoga courses?
Our proposition for you – Stream or record your podcast with multi camera setup!
You can switch between 3 cameras to show different angles.
Also as demonstrate videos or capture screen for visual materials presentation.

All control is yours so you can rule your show easily!

DSLR camera with LED ring light as main camera.
TV camera for side angle and one more on kran for view from the top.
Radio lavalier microphone gives you freedom in movements, so you always can walk or spin.

All equipment setup is on your table.

3 cameras and mono block PC connected via hdmi cables to the Blackmagic ATEM mini – 4 channel video switcher that connected to professional video monitor.
Microphone is also connected to the video mixer.
With this configuration you can produce awesome videos for social media. And we will help you with broadcasting to many platforms and accounts at the same time with our Restreaming service that included to Blogger Pro setup.
Of course you always can just record your show and edit later by yourself at home or using our postproduction service.
If talk more about streaming you can choose 3 different configurations:
– give all needed streamkeys to administrator and broadcast from ATEM mini through Restreaming server to the social media accounts and groups.
– Use StreamYard or ZOOM service for distance interviews or lectures.
– connect ATEM mini to your notebook through usb cable and stream over OBS software with your own setup.


Our personal help you to customise setup for your personal needs and specifics of your show.
We have a lot of possible decoration backgrounds for choose.
Heavy black fabric,  white bricks loft, office conference room, big makeup table, green screen wall, control room.
If you need less equipment for your ideas please check our Blogger basic service proposition.


The studio is based in the historical city center of Kyiv, close to Lvivska Square.
The studio complex includes a pavilion, a small studio with a makeup table, a conference room in the office, a control room with a sound booth, a cafe, a kitchen, two toilets and a shower.
The production office has 3 independent entrances and parking. Guests can visit the studio incognito by parking their car and going in the back door.
Cafe with 100% freshly ground arabica coffee beans and all types and methods of coffee preparation.