Dance Stretching Yoga

30$ /hour

The lowest price for online teachers.
1 × Pavilion
DSLR Camera
1 × DSLR Camera
1 × Optics
Track Light
1 × Track Light
LED Circle
1 × LED Circle
Wireless Lavalier
1 × Wireless Lavalier Mic
Camera monitor
1 × Camera monitor
Video capture card
1 × Video capture card
Monoblock PC
1 × Monoblock PC
1 × Administrator
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Basic ready to use setup for your dance, stretching and yoga classes.

If you are teaching students online to dance, stretch or yoga, you need to have a professional look and a high-quality video with clear sound.
While you talk over a video call about education, you need to have a stable high-speed internet connection. And special equipment such as a camera and microphone.
Also a quiet place in the pavilion, without having to invest in equipment, an studio, or a high-speed broadband internet connection.
In our studio we have everything you need to get started on a video call or conference with your students!
You just need to send an invitation link and teach.
Even more, you can bring your own notebook and connect it to our equipment, so you can use your own software and settings.

Setup specification

DSLR camera with an 11-inch monitor connected to a monoblock PC through an HDMI capture card that delivers high-quality audio and video to StreamYard, or ZOOM software.
Send the invitation link, wear a wireless lavalier microphone, turn on the lights, and start the class!
Use a ballet bar and CareMat for your practice. The top layer of the floor was made from black rubber roll covering for gyms.
With this configuration, you can demonstrate your screen from a computer using StreamYard, or ZOOM software.
Use picture in picture mode with a small camera window in any corner and a screen demonstration in the background.
At the same time, you can use green screen and real-time chroma keying with a static picture or video background.
Using StreamYard or ZOOM, you can invite guests to your call from all over the world.


The studio is based in the historical city center of Kyiv, close to Lvivska Square.
The studio complex includes a pavilion, a small studio with a makeup table, a conference room in the office, a control room with a sound booth, a cafe, a kitchen, two toilets and a shower.
The production office has 3 independent entrances and parking. Guests can visit the studio incognito by parking their car and going in the back door.
Cafe with 100% freshly ground arabica coffee beans and all types and methods of coffee preparation.