Balletistan Online Gala Teaser

Balletistan Online Ballet Gala Teaser – short video ads.
Target audience: Ballet fans, classical art and culture lovers around the world.
Technical task: Teaser with QR link to full performance of Balletistan Online Ballet Gala.

After Balletistan Online Ballet Gala client was asking to crate one minute teaser with link to full version of performance. We offered to generate QR code and place it to the screen, so people can scan it right from device or with screen reader. Then we choose best moments from all performed repertoire and also add some music and simple motion graphics. As a result we have promotion video for social media.

Accordingly to the words of impresario of Balletistan Dr.Sinan Ertemel during Covid-19 pandemic this project aims to build a bridge between artists and audiences with modern online streaming technology.
Followers of Ukrainian artists from all over the world have missed live performances of their beloved dancers. In these difficult times, both the artists and the audience need the healing power of art more than ever. While protecting the health of our community, we aim to create a stage for the amazing Ukrainian ballet artists to share their fine art with the rest of the world online and for free.