Formula-X motion animation video

Motion animation video for formula-x offline pipetting skills contest.
Target audience – laboratory workers on medical exhibition MEDICA 2020, website and social media visitors.
Technical task – animation video for big screens on exhibition with invitation, conception and game process explanation. Video for social media and website.

Our services for this video production include:
– Video shooting process at clients location.
– Graphics design and motion animation.
– Postproduction.

Firstly on pre-production stage we are visited main office of XEMA Ukraine. Then inside of research and production enterprise we chose the laboratory room for filming. After that we have a conversation with the persons who will present race play-through. Little discussion about how what and where we will shoot footage. We must decide which angle use for filming and make demo snapshots of scenes. Investigate medical laboratory equipment and space management for location logistic.

Later on production stage we make set up on location for filming and capture all stages of play through process. Also we capture video from application window for showing counting process. Important task was is to create visually understandable presentation of how racer make a lap.

Overall on post production stage we used original corporate graphic design created for competition and video footage that was shoot before. We mixed all materials to produce motion animation video for formula-x pipetting skills contest.