Zarely Shannon Set Video

Zarely Shannon Set Video.
Target audience: Dancers, sportsman, active people who love fashion.
Technical task: Video for social media promotion.

Actually first full circle video production project for luxury dance wear brand Zarely.
At this instant we decide to make 6 hours shooting and capture footage with two sets of wear. Firstly Shanon Set and after Maia Black Seamless Leggings. Both videos have the same style and similar choreography also as animated lines over wear design. First thing to remember is a client budget economy. So we shoot two videos at once with the same model, studio and equipment. Following idea of having local ballerina role models brand choose soloist of National Opera of Ukraine Anna Muromtseva to present fashion designs with body lines.

One of the things that client wants is that we basically copy previous video for Tights but with lower budget. So we rent the same photo studio to have the same look, what is important for brand style. And use movements similar to reference choreography. We use our own light and camera equipment for Zarely Shannon Set Video production. Finally when we done all tasks client trust us to produce next project more independent so Pop Lock Neoprene-style video campaign was filmed without client supervisor.