Formula-X rules infographics video

Infographics video with rules and common questions for formula-x offline pipetting skills contest.
Target audience – laboratory workers on medical exhibition MEDICA 2020, website and social media visitors.
Technical task – animation videos with Infographics for big screens on exhibition with rules and common questions explanation. Video for social media and website.

Our services for this video production include:
– The process of video shooting at the client’s location.
– Graphic design and motion animation.
– Postproduction.

Shortly after presentation of second motion animation video for formula-x pipetting skills contest client wished to produce more complete guide. Important information for potential racers and teams. This time we take more attention to pipetting accuracy methods for participants. Not only correct and incorrect examples of how to fill the micro plate with special liquid called buffer-x. But also answers to common questions is important part of the video for big screens on biggest European medical exhibition.

Video footage for this video was taken from the filming session at Ukrainian office and mixed with corporative style graphics and approved text from the client. As result we have formula-x rules and questions infographics video.

Meanwhile in total for MEDICA 2020 we produced animation videos not just for Formula-X project but also for other product of XEMA Finland – chemical analyser called Prima.