Formula-X Lviv race video

Motion animation video for first formula-x competition race at Lviv 2019.
Target audience – potential participants, laboratory workers, interns, website and social media visitors.
Technical task – Present pipetting skills contest for laboratory workers as formula racing using footage from first corporate event. Video for social media and website.

Accordingly to client idea boring laboratory life need to become more fun! So speed pipetting of micro-plate associated with formula car racing is the conception of this competition. Pipetting skills contest has laps and time score. In this case we decide to stylise video from event as classic 8-bit game console racing game.

Firstly we created independent clips for all captured on video participants for multi screen presentation. Then we added motion to this clips to look alike the classical 2D racer game.
Secondly we created original graphics design for Formula-X project and make animation to the elements for video production. Afterwards this graphics design became corporate brand identification and was used for creation of website. Also as for brand accessory from t-shirts to mouse pads.

After Formula-X Lviv race video we had request from client for other audio-visual content production and web development. Special filming session in client laboratory for production of next two animation videos about play through, rules and questions.