COVID-19 webinar invitation video

Before live stream client requested to produce COVID-19 webinar invitation video.
Target audience – Civilian Ukrainian people, regular laboratory workers.
Technical task – Motion animation infographic video with clients graphics, text and voiceover.

After pandemic of coronavirus change all aspects of social life people need answers to common questions about disease. Thats why client decide to make webinar about COVID-19 diagnostic methods. Also client requested production of invitation video after that when we finished with COVID-19 diagnostics methods motion animation video.

In this case video must contain explanation about what will be on webinar. Information about all speakers. And also explain coronavirus structure and diseases periods with easy understanding language for regular people and medical personal. All information and media data including text and voiceover, graphics and slides was given by client. This time our job is to prepare all media given by client and crate motion animation video.

This infographic clip not alone in our cooperation with Ukrainian and Finland offices of XEMA company.
Previously we produce motion animation videos for Formula-X pipetting skills contest, such as first Liviv race at 2019, rules and common questions for competition, and general presentation video of the challenge. All this videos produced to be shown on a big screens of stands in international medical exhibitions like MEDICA and Lab complex.