Interview Broadcast

250$ / 3 hour

Ready to broadcast interview for two persons.
1 × Pavilion
Small Studio / makeup dressing room
1 × Small Studio / makeup dressing room
TV Camera
2 × TV Camera
DSLR Camera
1 × DSLR Camera
1 × Optics
3 × Tripod
Wireless Lavalier
2 × Wireless Lavalier Mic
Track Light
1 × Track Light
LED Circle
1 × LED Circle
Big LED panel
2 × Big LED panel
Small LED panel
2 × Small LED panel
Video mixer 4ch
1 × Video mixer 4ch
TV monitor
1 × TV monitor
Monoblock PC
1 × Monoblock PC
1 × Administrator
1 × Technician
1 × Cameraman
Broadcast director
1 × Broadcast director
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Interview Broadcast for two people.

Complete solution for a high-quality interview broadcast.
If you want to speak with guests in person while streaming live with professional equipment, then our proposition is for you.
Stream your interview with a multi-camera setup!

Interview Broadcast setup

3 cameras for the whole plan and fixed closeups.
1 cameraman for camera control and lighting setup.
2 wireless lavalier microphones.
3 LED panel and track LED lights.
Video mixer, monoblock PC, and broadcast director.
An Administrator that will help you with all your questions.


The main room is a pavilion, which has different options:
White brick loft walls.
Total black cabinet that looks like theatre stage.
The big green screen zone.

A small studio also has options:
Big sofa or table with chairs on a white wall.
Middle green screen zone.


You can add one more guest and speak with two people.
It’s possible to change guests and record a few interviews at the same rental time.
The maximum rental time for one day is 14 hours.
If you want to use more equipment for filming, you can find more in rental services.
We can add more people to the team if the task becomes harder.

Fill in the contact form with your wishes or call us for a consultation about your project.
Want to record and make postproduction? Check out our Interview Production proposition.

Time terms

The minimum rental time for an interview is 3 hours.
Half an hour for preparation.
Up to 2 hours of streaming and recording.
Half an hour to leave the studio.

The maximum rental time for one day is 14 hours.


The studio is based in the historical city center of Kyiv, close to Lvivska Square.
The studio complex includes a pavilion, a small studio with makeup table, a conference room in the office, a control room with sound booth, a cafe, a kitchen, two toilets and a shower.
The production office has 3 independent entrances and parking. Guests can visit the studio incognito by parking their car and going in the back door.
Cafe with 100% freshly ground arabica coffee beans and all types and methods of coffee preparation.