Small studio Makeup room

hr: 12 $


Small studio and Makeup room

Small studio and Makeup room: photo zone, dressing and makeup place, streaming ready location. 
Ready for casting, beauty blog, product photo session, and social media content creation. 
Special air conditioning system for cooling or heating.

Size and interior

A 23-square-meter rectangular room with white walls and a 3-meter-high soundproof ceiling. 
The color of the floor can be changed depending on the task. 
The wall mount holder for photo backdrops contains a 3x6m green chroma key and can take any 3m wide backdrop. 
Sofa for waiting or social media chats, and a large garderobe for costumes. 
Large makeup space for beauty blogs or for preparations before production or broadcast.


The studio is based in the historical city center of Kyiv, close to Lvivska Square.
Studio complex include pavilionsmall studio with makeup table, conference room in the office, control room with sound booth, cafe, kitchen, two toilets and shower.
Production office have 3 independent entrance and parking. Guests can visit studio incognito by parking car and go in to the back door.
Cafe with 100% freshly ground arabica coffee beans and all types and methods of coffee preparation.

Conference room technical specifications

The LED track lights have a dimmer for filling a room with light. 
Hi-speed broadband optical internet connection. 
Independent power supply line with grounding and a 20 kW online UPS with stably symmetric sinusoids. 

The room is also connected to the control room with four bi-directional HDMI cables. 
This makes sense if you want to use the conference room as a part of the whole studio complex. 
Real-time chroma keying or filming with the Blackmagic ATEM mini video switcher for online streaming or video production.

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