Zarely Seamless Leggings Video

Zarely Seamless Leggings Video.
Target audience: Dancers, sportsman, fitness and yoga fans, active people who love fashion.
Technical task: Video for social media promotion.

Similarly to previous Shannon Set video this commercial ad has the same style for brand identification.
This time we work with Maia Black Seamless Leggings that have a supremely functional design and a trendy athleisure look featuring contrasting side panels to enhance customer leg line. Product offering exceptional breathability and freedom of body movement, they are perfect for running and ballet rehearsals.

Footage for both videos we take at once in one studio session with soloist of National Opera Of Ukraine Anna Muromtseva. Basic equipment setup is the same, choreography also similar, so we decide to shoot two brand items against one. Before that client spend whole studio session for just one item with the same budget. We show that the same money can give more profit in video production. From that time our cooperation with Zarely become more trusty.

After all Zarely Seamless Leggings Video show client that video production can be more quick effective and chipper. Thats why our next project with luxury dance and active wear brand Zarely Pop Lock Neoprene-style video campaign have more concentration on video editing and dynamic movements.