Zarely Ana Leotard Video

Zarely Ana Coloured Leotard presentation video.
Target audience: Ballet dancers, gymnast athletes, active people who love fashion.
Technical task: Leotards collection creation process presentation video for social media promotion.

Preparing and produce process demonstration of new Zarely coloured leotards collection. This video is walk-through the production steps, such as drawing sketches, creating designs and layouts, cut fabric, sewing items, tests, corrections, finalise prototypes for series production. For this video we cooperated with ballerinas from National Opera of UkraineAnna Muromtseva and Maria Kirsanova.

In light of our previous cooperation with dance wear brand Zarely client give us possibility to make completely our own scenario and film without supervising from client side. This can happen only after small steps on each point of cooperation.
Firstly client ask to copy their previous video and produce Shanon Set and Seamless Leggings ads. In this time founder of Zarely Mateo Klemmayer supervise process in studio.
Secondly client gives us more freedom on video production side and supervise us through online video call. Then Z2 Tights video we did without supervising.
And finally we have completely freedom in art for new collection that needs to be produced. Thats how Zarely Ana Leotard Video shows progression of client trust, especially if client is from Germany.