Zarely Z2 Tights Video

Zarely Z2 Tights Commercial Video
Target audience: Professional and semi-professional ballerinas, ballet students, girls around the world.
Technical task: Video for social media promotion.

Luxury high fashion brand Zarely start their business with selling original ballet tights. Basically ballet tights for professionals is a most popular product of the company. Originally designed for create a sculptured leg line and boost performance, also as help to recover after hurts. Product has three versions such as Z1, Z2, Z3. Each of them also have variations of colours, for example Z1 and Z2 models have pink and stage pink colours and Z3 model has only black colour. In this video we present Z2 Tights model.

In this case client want to switch stylistic of the video and use black cabinet on ballet stage against white cyclorama. Previous videos of Shannon Set, Seamless Leggings and Pop-Lock Neoprene-style has one product stylistic. Client want to change association with brand tights and relocate product from white photo studio to the real stage. That’s why this time for filming we choose private theatre Bravo, one of our favourite places for ballet shooting in Kyiv. There was a casting for ballerinas on best leg lines and Daryna Krulevska was chosen by the client for Zarely Z2 Tights Video.